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Upload Rate resets


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Love uTorrent. Terrific program! Can't say enough about it!

One issue:

My torrents sometimes change their maximum upload rate from 0 (unlimited) to 1 kbps maximum.

This despite the fact that I don't have "alternate rate" turned on (although it is set to 1kbps). And my maximum upload rate for uTorrent as a whole is set higher.

I've gone through and manually updated the maximum rate for all my torrents individually and then I'll come back a day later and find some of them have been reset back to 1kps.

Sounds like a bug to me... but maybe I'm an idiot?


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Preferences > Queueing > Limit the upload rate to

Does it happen to be set to 1 kB/s? If so, then reconfigure it; it tells µTorrent what to set a torrent job's upload rate limit to once it reaches the seeding goal (150% by default). If you want it to stop the torrent, then set it to 0. If you don't want it to do anything, then uncheck the option.

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