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My Port is Not Forwarded


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Ok i have been trying to get utorrent to work right for about 2 months i have never had a green cheack mark at the bottom of the screen.

It has been yellow and sometimes red which is what i am blaming my slow speed on

I am posting everything i think you need.

I have tryed to port forward on windows fire wall, my MSI RG60G router, nethier worked.

the speed guide says, Upload Limit 17kB/s, Upload Slots 3, Connections 55, Connections Global 90, Max active torrents 1, Max Active downloads 1

My net.max_halfopen is set to 8

Operating system is XP

Just windows firewall

My router is MSI RG60G, Modem is Westell 6100

My ISP is Verizon.net

I have DSL

The speed test gave me 718 Kb/s Download, 135Kb/s Upload

Please help

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If that seems confusing, I don't suggest trying to understand it...just do the simpler setup guide and live with whatever settings it recommends.

However, you have a modem that is a wee bit more complex than it needs to be!

This should tell you how to port forward your modem:


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