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We've examined the crash dump files for the latest version and noticed that the vast majority are caused by malware. Get an antivirus application (such as AVG free) and clean your system! You will most likely need to use LSPFix to repair your network connection after removing the malware. laf#.dll, t#.dll, ftp#.dll (# being an actual number, commonly 34), and gopher.dll are the most common ones.

The next leading cause is the NVIDIA Firewall. This is a bug with the NVIDIA firewall on multi-core systems. To fix it, either uninstall the firewall (Forceware Network Manager in Add/Remove programs), or set µTorrent's affinity to a single core. If you don't know how, open the task manager, go to the processes list, right click the process, hit set affinity and make sure only one is checked. Doesn't matter which one you choose.

Following that is the System Mechanic Professional 7 Firewall. Again, this is a bug with their firewall. The only solution is to uninstall it. I suggest using Outpost as your firewall.

Some versions of the Fritz! Firewall also have crash problems. All you can do is try the latest version and hope for the best. Failing that, again, all you can do is switch to another firewall.

NOD32's IMON has a similar issue. To work around it, you can add µTorrent to its exception list.

Norman Virus Control also has this issue (niphk.dll is the Norman component that causes it). If you wish to continue using Norman, you must disable the Internet Protection module:

Right click the N-icon in the system tray > Configuration Editor > Norman Virus Control > Components. There you can open the tab 'Start', and disable the Internet Protecion module.

Thanks SadBunny for these instructions

None of these are µTorrent bugs (trust me, we've looked into it quite thoroughly), and we can't really hack around it either. If you like the firewall software you are using, complain as much as possible to the developer of it so they can fix their software.

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