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Improving upload speed


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I have absolutely no problem with download speed (can reach max of 350 kb/s on 6MBPS). That might be a bit low but I am being throttled (on Rogers) and am using port 1720 w/ encryption and port forwarded.

However, my upload speeds can't seem to exceed 4-7 kb/s. This is causing me hell on private trackers.

Can anyone help me? Tell me what to tweak or how to get higher upload speed. Thx.

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Try testing with known, good torrents.

Use conservative settings so more of your limited bandwidth allowed by Rogers is spent sending/receiving parts of the torrent instead of BitTorrent and TCP/ip overheads.

It may also be possible to get off their "shit list" if you have one quiet month under their quota limits for the month...whatever value that may be.

You can also call them up and complain...and see if the anti-fraud groups in your country care that Rogers "ISP" really isn't interested in offering TRUE internet service and connectivity.

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