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is there a uTorrent manual or How-to re: Prefernces settings?


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Hope it's the right place to post.

I am a new client.

Coming to believe the fact I have change settings is why downloading so slow.

How ever now 4 days after I have 1 completed and am a seeder for.

Q: is it possible to re load utorrent without interfering current operations and connections-?

Thank for answers/ sorry if clumsy with expression- non native English speaker.

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osnat. Don't worry about your english. it's fine enough. However you should have posted your question elsewhere--a new post--and not here.

As to the answer. YES it is possible if you mean can you shut down your computer and restart it without worrying about your downloads. And yes also if you mean reinstalling or updating uTorrent BUT yes only if when you reinstall you don't uninstall first. and as to updating it's done automatically or manually according to your Properties settings without a problem.

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