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Need help regarding speed issue


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First of all, I am terribly sorry if this question was asked before, I was not able to find a solution.

Well, I have been using torrent network for quite a while. The main reason why I chose this P2P network is great DL/UL speeds. But for several months I have experienced very low (compared to my max bandwidth) DL/UL speeds (5-10 kB/s per torrent, 30 kB/s in total). Furthemore, even with these low speeds it's almost impossible to browse HTML. At first I was sure it was caused by problems in network itself, but after I reinstalled my OS, I got max speed (90 kB/s) from a half-dead torrent while I was still able to browse HTML without experiencing any problems. However, after a while I got this problem yet again. I keep my OS and uTorrent up to date, and after I reinstalled my OS, I used DEFAULT UTORRENT SETTINGS, NO TWEAKS, and since I got good speeds with them, it's not the matter of client setup (though I tried tweaking it using tutorials later).

So please, if anyone has a solution for this problem, help me.


uTorrent ver. 1.7.5 and earlier

OS WIN XP SP2 (constantly updated)

Problem disappears after reinstalling OS and uTorrent wors fine FOR A FEW MINUTES.

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