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Incredible low speed! 5kbps!


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So after buying a Belkin WiFi router (model F5D7230-4, the one thats small with a single antenna) and doing everything in my power to make uTorrent work (I kept getting the yellow "!" triangle error, and had to deactivate my router firewall) now uTorrent is working and downloading...........at 5kbps....

All my torrents have lots of seeds, my speed test reveals a real download capacity of 780kbps, I uninstalled the nVidia firewall (mostly becos it was giving me problems with the actual port connection) so I dont know what the hell is happening.

EDIT: firefox is working as normal now, and even dowloads stuff at 150kbps and beyond, so the entire problem is with uTorrent only.

So, any ideas? I've to travel next thursday and I'll be off for a week, so I would be more than happy to leave my PC downloading stuff, but if I cant fix this I may have to turn the system off until I'm back.

Any advise would be welcome.

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God dammit I was afraid this way going to happen the very moment I bought the damn thing....

The desktop is using a wired connection to the router (the laptop is always wireless) so I dont know what else to do.

Maybe I could use a cheap standard router (without wireless or firewall) to connect my desktop and the belkin router to my PC, so then my desktop gets the unaltered access directly from the modem.

What do you think? would it work?

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