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Getting to my nerves. Upload problems.


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Okay. I have 10Mbit/10Mbit symmetric connection. My problem is that with torrent I can download full 1,24MiB/s but upload only 10-40kB/s. You could think that my ISP is throttling my upload speed, but I don't think that's the case since I can upload full speed using DC.

I've done couple of things trying to improve the speed, here's a list:

Forwarded port and added uTorrent to Vista's firewall's exception list (portchecker says OK)

Used the Speed Guide to set general settings

Enabled encryption and allowed incoming legacy connections

Patched Vista's tcpip.sys to remove the limit to half-open TCP connections

Set net.max_halfopen to 256

Probably forgot something from that list, but you get the idea. Anyone got any suggestions?

EDIT: Some additional information; I have no router, I've tried disabling software firewall, tried disabling F-Secure, and my connection type is vdsl.

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you could try this:

restart machine and modem.

open utorrent but only start 1 SEEDING torrent which you know has many leechers and less seeds. watch what happens with the upload rate. if it first skyrockets and then slowly degrades you might want to play around with your settings in numbers of connection and upload slots and max upload.

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