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speed is horrible recently


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Let me start by saying that uTorrent is one of the best p2p client I have ever used. I started out using Azureus(sp?). After I reformatted and reinstalled it I couldnt get it to stop crashing. That pissed me off enough so I decided to try utorrent. After installing it, i downloaded some "home movies" and "linux" files and got a max speed of ~950kB/sec. Up until about three days ago, I would average about 150kB/sec with some torrents and others at almost 300kB/sec. The 950kB/sec was with an upload speed of 25kB/sec. The other two were at 40kB/sec. Now I can not get past 70kB/sec. And at that number my upload is almost 90kB/sec. If I limit my upload to 25kB/sec then my download dosent go past 30kB/sec. If I increase to 40kB/sec upload, then I might be able to get 50kB/sec download. Does anyone have any idea why my connection is not doing so well? All of these torrents have a decent amount of seeders and leechers, most of which i can connect to so I dont see a problem there. And its odd all of them would have seeders with crappy connections. I have included a recent speedtest. thanks guys


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