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unable to foward port


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i do not know why but for the past few months i have been unable to foward my port. It used to be ok last time but suddenly it just stopped. I have checked my router settings and portfoward.comand firewall settings but i am still unable to find out whats wrong. And my download speed has suffered greatly too. I can usually get about 1-10 kbps. For certain hours maybe a little over 10kbps. What can i do to fet my port foward?


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download speed is 204kbps

upload speed is 105 kbps

settings at speedguide,

connection type, 256k

upload limit, 22kB/s

upload slots, 3

connections, 70

global connecions, 130

max active torrents, 2

max active downloads, 1

port, 45682

btw, i have already checked and unchecked as the guide.

thanks for help

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I Have Not Been Able To Get A Port Forwarded .on The Status Bar There Is A Red Dot And When I Put My Cursor On The Red Spot It Says Something Like This Not Connectable A Firewall/router is Limiting Your Network Traffic You Need To Open Up A Port So Others Can Connect To You. Dont Know Hardly Anything About Portforwarding Need Some Help.... Is Ther A Support Email For Utorrent????

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It seems you only have ~105 kilobits/sec upload speed, so xx/256k setting won't work very well for you...you'll probably need xx/96k or xx/128k setting instead. :(

Have you tried deleting ALL port forwarding settings in your router and reentering them?

Also, clear your software firewall's entry for µTorrent and let the firewall redetect µTorrent. ...A version upgrade of µTorrent is probably making your firewall think µTorrent is "corrupted" and not allowing full connectivity because of it. :(

RFFROBE, have you tried www.portforward.com for information on your router and/or modem?

Also, have you tried Ultima's Troubleshooting Guide?:


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