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whats the function of bt.gracefull_shutdown


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It seems this is set be default to "false"

I've never really had any problems on my utorrent but my wife's utorrent always has to check all her torrents when starting no matter how she shuts down utorrent. (which can take hours before downloading)

Ive had this checking issue a couple of times on my own even after a clean shutdown.

should i set bt.gracefull_shutdown to "true"?

and what does that affect if anything?

thanks in advance

steph version 1.7.5

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Yes, you should set it to true. It'll give µTorrent as much time as it needs to exit properly. Beware that that means it may take longer than usual/expected to exit, so if you're not sure, check the process list (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) to see if it's still running before you do something like shutting the computer down (which may interrupt µTorrent's shutdown process).

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