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"Date and Time" with files in torrents


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sorry... this one might be a little off-topic but i think it could be important since its one of the few things that seems cant be "transferred" with torrents...

i want to know if anyone knows how to do this:

lets say that i have a folder full of other folders with text files and jpegs...

now i want to distribute this folder with the help of torrents... the problem i now encounter is that the "folder" and "files" Creation and Modified dates wont be possible to transfer with the torrents...

so the question i now have:

does anyone know if theres any good archiver/backup application that will store this data, and if it then would be possible to re-create the exact folder structure with the correct "creation" and "modified" dates on all files and folders

p.s. i know there isnt a regular need to do this, but it still would be nice if its possible to succesfully transfer this "information" as well even if it have to be done within the archive

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thank u very much for the answer!

i tried doing this with winace and created ACE and ZIP archives... but the folders still didnt keep the old dates when i unpacked them and also the only date that got stored with files was the Modified date and not the Creation date...

so i will try winrar... perhaps it stores more information and can extract files and folders correctly (keeping both the creation and modification dates + folder dates)

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