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DHT Disabled!..."Ghost" Peers?!?


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I have DHT disabled and finding peers in stats (not in peer list) that aren't on the tracker. Can I assume these peers are directed to the torrent from another client with DHT enabled via DHT? How does UT account for this "ghost" peer? Since tracker doesn't have the peer accounted for, why/how UT?

The ghost peer never does connect but is still there as s/p stat. In this case I really don't think it's a tracker issue (cache, reset timeout) because find across several trackers.

If UT has these peers available for stats, how much comm is going on with this peer?? How does UT handle comm from other DHT clients when DHT is disabled?

Nothing in DHT dumps!!

I see this during u/d and raw sding.

Just a few observations and questions about them.

Thanks for any input!

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