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If you are downloading several torrents at the same time, like this. Would be a lot easier to sort my torrents out and stuff like that:

Age of Empires I

Quake 3



Windows Vista

CSI Episode 1

CSI Episode 2

CSI Episode 3

CSI Episode 4

CSI Episode 5

It would be nice to create folder for all of them while downloading:

Games (folder) --> And there you find your torrents that you've draged in here, in this case Age of Empires I and Quake 3.

Applications (folder) --> ...

CSI (folder) --> ...

Seeding (folder) --> And put my seeding torrents here, see?

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It seems be the mulitple download folder.

For now, there is only single pair source and target folder only.

It would be nice if support mulitple pair and also what I'am looking for.

e.g. I have some ebook and movie that I wish to put in seperate folder and it automatically loaded and saved.


ebook- ( SET ONE )



movie- ( SET TWO )



Is this possible ?


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I honestly would like to be able to choose to which folders files should be downloaded depending on their format. For example If I create a folder named Installers or applications for .exe .msi, or for music or a folder for videos .avi .mpeg, mkv, ogg, etc.. It would be nice if windows vista users can use their own folders at users -> name, etc..

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