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Move downloads to another drive automaticlly


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I've been using uTorrent for quit a while but I recently changed to Azeurus for one reason. I needed a Bittorrent client that could move my downloads automaticly to another drive.

I have a server in my network wich I save all the torrents file on. Azerus then scans the folder for new torrents and add them if they haven't been added alrdy. Then when they are done they get moved to a specifik drive and folder depending on wich category I have assigned to the download.

I really don't want to use Azerus, I love uTorrent but I can't just use the darn label uTorrent have to offer to organize my downloads. I need to spread them out on other drives becuase. Is this something the uTorrent developers are considering adding in the future? I mean, do they think we all should fit our downloads on ONE single drive? That's crazy...

Are there anyway I can get this to work in uTorrent or am I stuck in Azerus for now?

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