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utorren 1.7.x seems to ignore manual cache size


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our homelan internet provider has its own torrent tracker. download/upload speed <= 100 Mbits/sec.

uTorrent disk writing cant keep up with download speed, so if speed is >= ~8 megabytes/sec and the size of downloading data > ~5 Gb(in my case, as i have 2 gb RAM) 1.7.x version seems to ignore manual value of disk cache size, floods the memory(RAM & Swap) with cache and crashes when the size of cache reaches some value depending on RAM size. it works stably only with net.low_cpu = true, but speed drastically decreases

1.6.x doesn't have this problem. it uses memory within specified cachу limits

Other soft, antivirus, firewall doesn't matter (tried, many times, different computers) and i'm not the only one who experience such problem in our LAN.

Please help!

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