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lowering UL speed limit result in faster DL speed


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hi! well, this is not a real problem, just a question...

I've noticed a strange thing while downloading some files using utorrent: I used to set the UL limit to 30kB/s (which is 80% of my max upload speed) and I was downloading those files at about 75kB/s, then i lowered the UL limit to 20kB/s (I had to send a big big email) and i noticed the my DL speed went up to more than 110kB/s (that is, 50% more!!!)...

so I tried to reset it to 30kB/s and the DL speed returned at 75-80kB/s, and re-lowering it to 20kB/s made my DL return to 110kB/s...

now, since I have an ADSL 2mb connection, shouldn't the upload and download stream be separate, so that changing the use of the upload stream doesn't alter how much of the download stream I use?


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