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Peer connection woes...


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So as of lately, I can't seem to get a decent amount of peers (seeders and lechers) to connect to. This has been resulting in dial-up speed downloads, which is starting to get rather irritating. I've reinstalled my firewall, and made sure that it's forwarding the right port, but no change.

I've tried downloading popular torrents (Ubuntu 7.10 and Open Office, whcih have several hundred peers which both upload and download), and have verified that I'm having connection problems.

What I notice in the uTorrent logs, is that I try to connect to a chunk of peers, but after a couple of seconds, I immediately get a "Disconnect: Peer Error: offline (timed out)" message. The message chunks come in rows of 5 or more.

I'm running Windows XP SP2, Zone Alarm (newest version), patched tcpip.sys, and otherwise, a rather healthy system.

Any help would be appreciated...

[EDIT]: Now, all trackers appear to be offline and I can't connect to anyone using uTorrent...

Now I really need some help...

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Yeah, I uninstalled Zone Alarm, but no change. I then reinstalled it and installed an update as well, but no difference.

I had followed all of the guide's suggestions before, but just to make sure, I re-read them and followed them as well, but nothing has changed.

One thing that I did notice, was that when I tried using the slackware 10.2.iso torrent, I was only able to connect to 7 seeders and no leechers.

I'm probably going to try to do a Windows Repair install, since this probably has something to do with system settings...

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