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Bad ISPs and speed. Please help!


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So I read firion's post (http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=4128), but I wasn't sure exactly what meant that an ISP was bad on the list. There are different qualities of each ISP.. which one makes it slow down your speed? Also, is there any way to fix the problem? My ISP is "VTR, Chile" on the list. If anyone could look at it and let me know how I can fix it or what I should do that would be great.

My speed on speedtest.net is on average 620 kb/s down and 240 kb/s up. Could the bad ISP problem be what is causing my dl to be max around 70kb/s? Is there any other way I can fix this? I've read a lot of posts already on how to change stuff, and I've done everything, but it hasn't changed at all.

I'd greatly appreciate any help!!!

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Request queue stalling. Peers reward your upload to them with upload back to you (your download). If your upload to them drops off, they may quit uploading back to you or only upload to you sporadically.

Are you uploading steadily at whatever upload max you set in µTorrent?

The more upload speed you can consistently manage, usually the better download speed you get in return.

BUT, if you set upload speed too high, it chokes off your download speed because even downloading requires some upload bandwidth.

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