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Ok last night it tested something on the latest beta that is out 2 days back. now i can't be sure if this is the same in earlier versions, but i am pretty conifdent it is.

i had a list of 10 torrents downloading, then i stopped 5 of them. so 5 were seeding and 5 were just stopped. now i closed utorrent then opened it up again, and all 10 of them started.

what i would like to see is that it will only resume what you had downloading or seeding. not to resume the Whole lot.

this is very handy when you have a very large list of torrents, and need to keep the list the same as it was before you closed utorrent.

just a small thing, but could be useful.

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Uh, it doesn't start any of them... I've never had any of my stopped torrents (perhaps yours were -queued-) start up automagically, even across many restarts and versions.

Perhaps your resume.dat didn't get saved, or you opened utorrent.exe again before it was saved.

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