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Isit my router?


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I used to DL everything fine and at a decent speed, now when utorrents open i can set up one download then leave that downloading but if i try use net xplorer it just crashes.

I run off of my familys linksys router (not sure which one) but it used to work fine, what can i do to sort this out ive read the fAQ's, tried everything and none ofit works, i use my pc mainly for downloading so its pretty useless right now and it very frustrating as im sure you can understand.

What firmware would i need to DL for the router?

Do i install it on my familys pc or mine? Or both?


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You should be able to install from any computer as long as you can reach the router's log in screen. You don't actually install anything on the computer, but rather to the router itself. Get your model number and go to http://www.linksys.com

there you will find a search bar, type in the model number and follow the instructions to download the appropriate firmware (if available).

Be careful though, and make sure you dl the actual f/ware for the router you have. Call the manufacturer if you can't find it on your own.


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