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Temporary storage


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I have a little trouble with the hardisk i am using for download as it very often gives me error messeges and i am sure it is because of the frequent downloads and seeding i am doing. I have a question about the function to store temporary files in utorrent. Is the file being stored there until it is completely finished downloading or is it only until i exit utorrent or windows. I would like to use a ramdrive as temporary storage so i can avoid the frequent writing and reading to my harddrives what is causing them to get errors but than i would need the function that the temporary file is being moved to the permanent storage after i press exit. I also tryed to use a usb stick with 4gb space, but there should than be a function where i can say it should transfer from usb stick to permanent after i reached a surten limit.

If there is any what has a good solution for me i would be happy to hear. I am using windows vista ultima 64 and have 4gb of memory.



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