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Thank you's + questions


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First of all, I would like to thank all of you who help by answering ten thousand stupid questions.

Anytime I have ever had an issue with utorrent, or wanted to change something, these forums are the first and only place I need to look, and because of that I have never really needed to post.

(Back Story) Recently I was having issues with CPU/MEM usage while downloading files larger than 1GB. (No firewall or AV or any of that shite) After a little searching around on here (*And a lot of other steps - see below) I downloaded the RATTV3 and installed it and ran it at the same time as a large torrent started to d/l. And for the first time in weeks the cpu/mem usage was normal.

I'm left with questions:

1) What is this amazing little program and what exactly is it doing to my computer?

2) What could have happened that I would have needed it. Is this a sign of a larger issue?

3) Do I leave this program running all the time? Or do I just turn it on when I am torrenting? OR Does it "fix" something and I don't need it anymore.

4)Am I on crack and this program didn't actually do anything and the better performance a coincidence?

I like to have installed as few programs as possible, and way fewer running.

In the past two days I have:

*Updated XP

*Updated all my hardware drivers

*Cleaned my computer with a giant list of AV (If it was free and you can think of it, I used it) making sure to uninstall each one as I was done

*Uninstalled every program that isn't something that I use/need daily

*Switched block lists to utorrent and enabled IPfiltering and rid my computer completely of PeerGuardian.

*Uninstall/Install with new download of utorrent

*Cleaned my registry with about 4 different registry programs

*Defragged my hdd's

(all before I ever posted a question on a forum asking for help :P)

And I do have Hijackthis reports and Process Explorer reports if anyone should need them, but they are long an obnoxious(much like the rest of my post) and I am not going to post them unless asked.

Thank you very much in advance-


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