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Port Error, raising Download Speed - need assistance.


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To Ultima, I appreciate your stickied guide

But still, I don't think it works for me =(

Ive tried all the steps u mentioned and it didn't work. I still have a yellow triangle and sometimes red triangle. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the port error.

And I've tried using the portforward guide twice as well, but I don't see any progress to the download speed.

Also I've disabled Windows Firewall before I changed those settings.

And I'm using Norton internet security.

I'm pretty sure my internet connection speed is over 2mb/s

my current download speed is between 10kb/s - 20kb/s.

and upload speed is okay which is around 25kb/s.

I'm so desperate to get high speed download, so please someone help me =(


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If your ISP is wireless or satellite, then chances are you will ALWAYS be firewalled. (The problem in that case is the ISP, not you.)

You may foreward your router perfectly correct...but if your modem also contains a mini-router and/or firewall, then you'll still be firewalled in µTorrent.

...Or your Antivirus/antispyware has a hidden software firewall in them as well that needs to be configured or disabled.

...And of course even some viruses and trojans can make you firewalled.

It only takes ONE thing to make you firewalled, but you have to fix everything (assuming there's more than 1 problem) to NOT be firewalled.

What's the measured speed of your connection, both Down AND UP?

(Your ISP may not be giving you what it claims!)

What settings are you using, as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G)?

(Speed Guide wants to know your max UPLOAD speed, not download! Plus, there are a lot more settings than just speed shown by that window!)

Have you changed any of µTorrent's advanced settings?

(Some settings changes can crash µTorrent and possibly even your computer as well!)

What in Ultima's Troubleshooting Guide have you tried?

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