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Router Issue


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hi .. well after finally got everything set up right (router set up port forwarding etc.) and got my NAT status to OK. Now i got excellent DL speeds but something wierd is happening.. like after awhile

everything just drops down to zero like i cant recieve any connections at all and had to restart my PC, modem & router and after that the same thing happens again :mad: wut gives ? so i was like screw it and just connected my PC directly to my DSL modem and now all is GOOD and stable :)

So i figure that its the router thats cousing this (my setup perhaps). Also I've read somewhere that when using Windows XP that it limits the connections or something and its tweakable.. Any clues anyone?

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What router do you have? Since it works when you bypass the router, it's obviously the router causing the problem, but it may be fixable depending on the router you have. (it's not Windows XP, the connection limit people speak about is connection ATTEMPTS, not concurrent connections, and only applies to SP2)

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i have such issue recently.

but after changing the router to bridge mode, the download speed becomes ok.

btw, this issue just happened for me about 2 weeks ago, and before that, my download speed is quite ok (wihout changning router to bridge mode). i guess some virus is targetting routers (just my guess!) and i believe my ISP network is spreading sober.

btw, if u use the windows WAN PPPoE miniport to connect to your ISP, please make sure your windows are patched.

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I was using this Belkin 4-port Cable/DSL Gateway Router model# F5D5230-4

Im using WindowsXp with SP2 and its firewall enabled(uTorrent was added to the exceptions + its ports)

a123 Wrote: btw, if u use the windows WAN PPPoE miniport to connect to your ISP, please make

sure your windows are patched.

Umm how do i find out ?

Also i uncheck the enable UPnP port mapping so its been disable as of since i stop using my router.. so should i enable it ?

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hi nseeder.

patched, is service packed :)

and ur SP2 is fine.

and i recommend you to shutdown&disable the UPnP services. and some others like (as recommend from grc web)

remote register

the intelligent transfer (if u didn't use the windows update feature)

and more, which you could google to tweak ur system into superb state.

if you love more, you can join nlite http://www.nliteos.com/nlite.html

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Hi noobseeder.

I had the same problem as u.

Do u have a wireless router?.

Try to connect your pc to the router with a cable(not using the wireless conection)and u will see how everything come back to normal.

I don't know why that happend but since y connect my pc to the router by the traditional way (cable) everything was ok,the conection never drop down to zero and i didn't have to reset my pc or my router never again.

Before i did that i almost turn crazy looking for a solution,first i thought was the company i rent the line to the problem,they came to my house and they checked everything,the line,the router,they change the wireless usb conecter,and all that was for nothing,the problem was still there; but one day i thought to try with the cable and...BINGOO.


Sorry for my writing way cos english is not my native tongue,i'm spanish and i didn't study anything about english language in any school.

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