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I use AZ

and i know everybody here is pretty well against that

But its been working amazingly for me nothings gone wrong and ive downloaded pretty huge things (couple gigs) in about a day. BUT, without having a lot against AZ should I give Utorrent a try even if its working fine for me? Just wonderinggggg.

Ive also played Counter strike and Garrys Mod during downloads and it hasnt seemed to have been effecting my speed or my ping. So reallly just wondering if I should go through the time and give Utorrent a go or just stick with AZ if its working wonderfully.

Was doing a 2.8 gig download last night and if I hadnt woken up and turned off my computer it would have finished in a total of like... 3 and a half hours or so...And I had more seeders then it said were in the swarm lol.

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Well I'm sure most of us here have nothing against Azureus. It is a client that has its own strengths and weaknesses. And although I consider µtorrent slightly superior there certainly are cases where Azureus would be the better options.

The main difference is that µtorrent offers roughly the same core features while consuming a tiny fraction of the resources. µtorrent uses a LOT less CPU and memory.

µtorrent is ideal to run in the background. You can play games, run heavy applications, etc without µtorrent having any real impact. While Azureus might reduce performance in similar setups.

Also µtorrent can be run on a (for example) 10 year old machine. So u could use a old (or just slow) computer and use it as a 24/7 BitTorrent server consuming a lot less power and often less noise. And allowing your main computer to be turned off at leisure.

Afaik Azureus strengths are that it is cross-platform and that it has a plug-in system which can significantly extend functionality.

Transfer speeds are roughly the same in both clients so often the choice is a matter of personal preference.

The third 'big' BitTorrent client, BitComet, I would strongly recommend against. Its crap for various reasons. You just have to search this forum to find numerous issues both present and past ones.

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