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Complete loss


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Well whenever i try to download something its in the red no peers or anything.

It's pretty much everything i try to download iv tried getting help before but even the person who tried to help me was lost with this. Its as if i didn't have internet.

Its worked before i just don't know whats going on. Could it be that i didn't have internet for the past few month?. iv updated utorrent. hell iv even removed it from my computer and downloaded it again :| thing i don't understand is while i didn't have internet i didn't

change any of the settings that worked. Now when i tried using the same settings Again

It didn't wanna download anything as if it wasn't connected to the internet. Hopefully This problem can be fixed :)

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I'm not sure what to say anymore Except...Its working...o_o...Just like that.


uTorrent has Some evil hummer .

and Here i thought uTorrent didn't love me anymore. :(

i guess all i had to do in the first place was set the

Bandwidth allocation to high on the torrents i wanted to download...Go figure huh? \:|

Ya...real pharken simple like right up in your face... :|

Well anyway this is good news to me.

i don't see way it would stop again anytime soon.

makes me feel silly that it was the simplest thing ever.

You can probably delete this tread now

I thank all the people who tried to help out :)

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