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Doesn't M$ Word Like µTorrent?


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I put this here, because it isn't a problem; just general interest. Well, there might be a problem, but if there is, my guess is that it belongs to Word.

I've had LOTS of crashes in Word 2000, 2003, and 2007. Usually more than one per hour, and they are usually when µTorrent is working. If I pause µTorrent, Word crashes maybe just two or three times a day. I use 2007 now, but recently I set up the others just to check, and the results were about the same.

I have XP SP2 on an old Celeron "Crippled by Intel", a 1.7 with an L2 cache of 128. There's no way I'll ever be able to do anything about that L2 (except to buy AMD forever more), and everything else on the system is very sweet. Nothing else crashes like Word, which I use for seriously demanding docs. But my gig of RAM and my CPU look okay. If I check on µTorrent, it looks totally innocent, and it keeps working just fine through a Word crash.

Would the crashes result from something in the MIX of that teensy L2 AND µTorrent doing something? Like I say, if I turn off µTorrent, the crashes conspicuously diminish. But I'm too ornery and stubborn to want to turn off a good program (uTorrent) in order to let a flawed program (Word) run.

Word 2007 has a feature which pretends to do a very advanced assessment of the problem and then reports, "Darned if I know". That didn't impress me much.

I am very impressed with µTorrent, and I've used it for maybe a year. When I get really mad at Word, I turn off Word and just watch high quality for awhile. When that cools me off, I go back to Word.

I can live with it. Life is swell. But I'm interested if you have some savvy you'd care to share about what is happening here. Thanks.

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Thanks, both. :)

Yes, I've put in new OSs, and that's just not it. XP seems totally OK, and Word looks like the culprit. (I don't use other Office apps so I don't know about them.)

I have OpenOffice and I hope to eventually use it. It is still lacking a few things I really need. It's an excellent program and I hope I'll be able to use it eventually, and maybe with Linux. If you look at µTorrent and OpenOffice and a few hundred others, you see all the really high quality in these freeware programs, and it teaches us a lot about money. M$ has produced some fantastically creative things and come close to destroying them in its hunger for $$$, so I agree with you, kurahashi. I guess we're way better off to be motivated by joy and respect, not motivated by money. Live & learn.

Thanks again.

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