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Slow Speeds


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I have read all the guides on here, tried everything suggested as well as getting a few people who also use this programme to help me try and speed things up but I seem to be stuck with download speeds betwen 1kB/s and 10kB/s max.

I have set up my router correctly, forwarded the port etc. Even set up a static IP for my computer instead of the one defaultly provided by the isp upon every login.

I have a green light at the bottom. My port im using is 55281 and the port checker under speed guide says everything is fine. The net.max_halfopen is set to 4 following your guide.

When using speed tester i get a ping of 54ms and a download speed of 1543kb/s and an upload 209kb/s. This was using the test server in Maidenhead in London. Using one in Los Angeles I have a ping of 218ms download speed 780kb/s and upload speed 216kb/s (this is over a distance of approx 5300 miles according to the speedtester)

I have my settings under speed check set to 512kb/s and i have disable Encryption because under inspection this seemed to be slowing down my download speed.

Im on Windows XP SP2. My router is a Netgear DG834G and my connection (wireless) is excellent at 54Mbps. My ISP is AOL (UK based) which isnt on the blacklist on wikipedia. Connection type DSL.

Any help would be appreciated as this is annoying me greatly. Hope I have provided enough information for you. Anything else I can provide just ask.

Great thanks.


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The xx/512k setting in Speed Guide seems more than 2x faster than your ~200-something upload. I'd expect download speeds to be crippled while trying to upload that fast.

Try the xx/192k or maybe the xx/256k setting instead.

Your Wireless connection may force you to use vastly reduced global and per-torrent connection max...like as few as 60 TOTAL. They're just not as stable typically as wired, even if they appear so under "normal" use.

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