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My down speed jumps tp 30kB/s then goes to around 1kB/s


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when i first started using utorrent i was downloading at 160 to 180 KB/s.My utorrent never seems to download fast unless im constantly tweaking it.Can someone help me make utorrent fast again its so screwed up from all the tweaks i cant fix,besides that my browsing is slow and i can only download one torrent at a time or nothing will download in just jumps up to 0.8KB/s then nothing upload speed is steady at 2KB/s.Heres a general list of everything i have.1.5Mbps clearwire wireless internet.eset anti-virus and anti-spyware and i use my windowsXP firewall which utorrent is allowed.I patched my computor with lvllord but i tried the patch again and my computor wont except it.set to 50 I think.my net max half open is set back to 8 in utorrent.my max download rate is set to 283 and up is at 21.DHT disabled.Green light.outgoing encryption is forced and incoming legecy box checked.Number of active torrents is set to 2 and number active downloads set to 1.SPEED GUIDE:my upload slots set to 5 connection 200 global 450 and yes iv'e tried to lower it to 200 or so and encryption enabled.Even if i reset or re-download utorrent and set it how it used to be i still cant get the 180kB/s i used to get.Any new tricks out there that i dont know.Thanks

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Clearwire ISP seems to throttle BitTorrent traffic:


"It appears to me that Clearwire, which is my WISP, is throttling P2P traffic. ... the other day I installed a Torrent client to get a (legitimate) file that was only available that way and it downloaded exceedingly slow."


"My ISP (clearwire) drops my connection if they detect torrent traffic on my wire."

Sounds like a disaster to me!:


"They block all ports! Except the basic email and web ports, they block the rest. ... Even though the backhaul from the wireless site to the pop at "high speeds" thier connection to the Inet is usualy only 1.5 Mbps(1 T1) or even two or three. When you have 50-200 customers on a link, trying to share that little bandwidth, you'd be lucky to get the 64k I see referred to on this sites posts."..."They block all ports! menaing you can do little to nothing except surf the overly commercialized Inet and send & read emails."

And they're getting competitor's VoIP as well!:


"Advanced IP Pipeline reports today that wireless broadband provider Clearwire Corp. is apparently blocking outside VoIP providers from its network."

For what it's worth, most of these articles are over 6 months old...but I'd expect things to not be much better now.

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