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Torrent with only one seeder


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Here is my problem :

A friend wanted to dedicate his upload bandwidth to me for a torrent he found. He used Azureus to edit the torrent, deleting other trackers and adding the azureus embedded tracker. When I use µtorrent to download this "exclusive" torrent, something strange happen : there's more than one seeder and hundreds of peers. I disabled DHT and my friend blocked all other IPs but mine, and on the azureus tracker web page, I can see only one connected peer (me).

The problem here is that he gave the tracker full upload priority (80 kB/s). Still, I only got 20 kB/s after 15 minutes connected on his tracker. There's someting I don't get here.

Later, I try Azureus, add his torrent and oh boy, 80 kB/s. I add the public trackers on the torrent task : bingo, d/ling @ 140 KB/s !

(hope you undersand my poor english)

I would love to stay with µtorrent, but here for me, it's a dead end :/ Any ideas ?

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