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I mentioned something like this before, but want to know as how exactly would I configure my client to favour the closest available pieces?.So if there's plenty of pieces my client would Dl them closest first,but not directly in order.

So it would Dl the next closest piece if the other wasn't available, instead of waiting for it and wasting Dl time. is there a best optimization technique.

and is there any third-party app, or client or something that can achieve this with BT or utorrent?.

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Do you mean Geographically close?

First its difficult to determine Geographical distance on the internet.

Second geographically distance has a negligible effect on data transfers so I wouldn't call any prioritizing based on it an optimization.

Third the BitTorrent protocol disregards it and the BitTorrent protocol defines the way data is distributed, µtorrent is not gonna stray far from the path laid out by it (if at all).

Last but not least: Allowing human interference will result in slower distribution in virtually all cases. BitTorrent works because every client follows the same set of rules.

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