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AT&T Aircard


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Hi, I'm new to utorrent. I've never used torrents before,(Like limewire for example), so you can consider me a newbie to this.

I download utorrent per advice from a friend. I need to download a large file. We recently moved to a new house, and there is no cable line here, and verizone won't have their fios set up until june of next year. We got a Temporary AirCard from AT&T to use. And it's speed sucks. Download speed usually is at 300Kbps. I tried to download the file, and it would take 40 hours to finish. He said Torrent would be faster.(I would like it to finish overnight, as we only have 1 AirCard and it keeps being switched from computer to computer) This is the link to it:


When I first downloaded the utorrent, I was asked about a port(so that other users can download from me).

I have a Linksys-G broadband rounder, model WRT54G. However, it is currently not being used. The AirCard from AT&T plugs into the USB port. My router does not have a USB port(most don't, I believe), the air card is pluged right into the back of my PC.

Will the download still work since I did not set up a port? I search for the file online, and put it in the torrent, both are not going right now. (I'm not even sure if I did it right) I typed in AirCard into Search, nothing came up.

Help is very much appreciated.

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