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Ok think i fixed my speed... is this a good speed?


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My upload speed for my isp is around 310-380 depending upon time of day and all that good stuff...

did some tweaking ect.... and right now I got two files going... one is 700mb the other is 4.2Gb

they are downliading at 50-70 kb/s a piece...

around 120-130 kb/s total?

this pretty good?

I know the open office hit around 350 kb/s...... so it did good....

Ok just to edit...

they are both hitting above 100 kb/s averaging now..... I think I got it figured out:) thanks for all the help these forums gave me from all the reading.... I know 100 isnt the best but i dont think its bad do you?

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Watch out that you don't get bandwidth in kilobits/sec confused for file transfer speeds in KiloBYTES/sec.

Pushing µTorrent too close to you max upload speed for your connection can reduce your download speeds ironically. Also, setting your upload speed too low in µTorrent can also reduce your download speed on torrents with few seeds.

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