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Slow dowload and upload speed


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I have been getting really slow download speeds for the past week and I haven't changed any of my settings and the like. Before i was getting decent speeds and now all of the sudden the rate goes down. I heard of ISP throttling or shaping traffic. Is that the problem or do I have to change other settings? Because no matter how I configure the settings recently i still get the same slow speed. I even tried reinstalling utorrent and using old versions but still to no avail.

Anyone out there to help?


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Settings are:

IPS - Optusnet

Modem - DSL 302G

Upload rate - 20 k/s

Disabled any port mapping

have no firewalls

port forwarded correcty - 65531

protocol encryption enabled

max number of connections 30 - 30 per torrent

upload slots per torrent 2

resolve peer ips disabled

allowed incoming legacy connections

.max half open - 8

these are only some of the settings i got from ultima's previous speed guide

they have always worked till recently

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