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Preallocate preallocates queued items as well o_O


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Hello! (v1.2.3 BETA)

When I use preallocate (yes I need because otherwise I don't know if another torrent will fill the HDD or not), it preallocates queued items as well.

Is this by design? (Bitcomet for example only preallocates when the download is actually starting).

If I have like 20 5GB torrents in a space with 50 GB, I would like to queue all 20, but only allocate those which are starting. This because then I can automatically extract those which are finished and utorrent can continue with another torrent in the queue etc.

This can't be done now as queue with preallocating is only good for bandwidth limiting as far as I can tell, not preserving diskspace :(.

Granted, I see the good point in this behaviour, you can queue 20 items and know you'll never run out of HDD-space. But my logic says that a queued item is queued, so if it hasn't been started and I stop it, it shouldn't be files on the HDD that I must remove as well.

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