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Peers dl is much faster


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I've been having this problem for some time now and after researching a lot I couldn't find a solution.


As you can see peers download rates are up to 1.5MB/s while mine is rarely more than 25KB/s.

Yes, my ISP is in the bad ISPs list. But it was not like this before, I used to get 2Mbits/s, wich is my bandwith, a couple of months ago.

Also, in my researches I found people like this guy. It's the same ISP and he has no problems


I guess I'm not behind a router since there's just my modem connected to my CPU here and my IP does not begin with 192.

And no, windows firewall is not on and there are no other firewalls running.

When I'm downloading via http I get normal speeds.

Oh, and yes, I've downloaded and configured that EvID thing.

Encryption is enabled by the way, even though it makes no difference.

Port check says it's OK for all ports I test, still port number doesn't make a difference too.

My upload is normal.

sorry for the bad english

So, any ideas?

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I see you're running a version of µTorrent that's pretty old.

Is that version REQUIRED for any private trackers you visit?

...Because it may partly be the cause for your slow speeds.

If your max upload is less than 20 KiloBYTES/sec, then on many torrents others with faster upload than you will almost always get far greater download speeds than you. This shouldn't be the case with seeds though!

Did you run Speed Guide (CTRL+G) in uTorrent?

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