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Setting 1024MB Cache CRASH


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Easiest way to put this:

In Disk Cache under Preferences in uTorrent, there are 9 check boxes. Boxes 1,3,6,9 are checked

1 X

2 -

3 X

4 -

5 -

6 X

7 -

8 -

9 X

I just had uTorrent (runs on x64 Server2k3) running for about a week with 1024MB cache. The Virtual Size (inreference to procexp.exe)crept up to around 1500MB and stayed there for a good portion of the week. Something triggered uTorrent to jump up to 19xxMB Vitrual Size but didn't go over 2GB barrier like it had been doing when using very large amound of RAM for the cache. I noticed about 400MB was allocated to the write cache. I closed uTorrent and opened it to see it checking the files. So I guess it crashed or was going to crash.

I'm setting the cache to 1023 to compare results.

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