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NB1 Netcomm speed problem


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Hi i have a Netcomm NB1 (setup is pppoe) modem and for some reason it's not letting me get the speed i used to from my old speedstream, my connection is 1500/256mb and even though utorrent gives a green light i can't get a positive port connection. Even tried port testing with canyouseeme & Portforward with no luck. Tested my internet connect with no probs as below

[`[*Test Results from <a href="http://www.ozspeedtest.com">Oz Broadband Speed Test</a>*]`]


Test run on [*17/01/2008*] @ [*09:44 AM*]

Mirror: [*OptusNet*]

Data: [*9 MB*]

Test Time: [*59.61 secs*]

Your line speed is [*1.27 Mbps*] (1268 kbps).

Your download speed is [*159 KB/s*] (0.15 MB/s)

so any help to rectify this would be fantastic

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Nope, Downgraded!

1500 DL/256 UL kilobits/sec maybe

...except your test showed less than 1300 kilobits/sec download speed.

Your upload speed may be crippled even further from supposed max.

What settings are you trying to use in uTorrent?

(Remember to sanity-check them!)

Your new modem may be acting as a sometimes-active router and/or firewall that's interfering with uTorrent. Have you looked into any configuration you can do with it?

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