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Every torrent opens in a new instance?


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Hi, I searched and could not find an answer to my issue, so I'll try here.

First off, I use Firefox.

I used BitComet from .57 to .60, then heard about it not playing nice, so I switched to Azureus - which I liked but had problems opening my .torrent files if I chose to simply open them instead of download them. I had to download them then doubleclick them to get them to work properly. Regardless, it was a pain, and really a bloated client.

I switched to µtorrent today but i'm having one small issue that I cannot seem to resolve. I'm downloading from a torrent, and I decide to start a second download. For some reason, µtorrent spawns a second instance to try to download that torrent in. This happens whether I try to open it directly from Firefox, or if I save it somewhere and doubleclick the torrent file. I find the only way to get multiple torrents going in the same µtorrent instance is to drag-and-drop a torrent file into µtorrent's interface that's already running. BitComet and Azureus both would just add torrents to the existing instance I had running when opening an additional torrent.

Sorry if this has been posted before.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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