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Uploading torrents from Bitcomet


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Ok, my torrents download fine in Utorrent, i did one to make sure the client was working. Since the private tracker i use just banned bitcomet which i was using, is there a way to take those torrent files and upload them via Utorrent? I just want to seed them to continue their lifespan, but for the life of me i can't figure out how to do it. When i try to, it wants to download the files all over again. Since many of them are in FLAC format, the files are too large and will hurt my ratio.

Is there away to use the existing bitcomet torrent and make utorrent seed it???? b/c i am lost

thanks in advance!

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I haven't used bitcomet, but if it doesn't use any extra extension, then do this =

1) make sure .torrent files are associated with µTorrent

2) If they are complete/seeding: put them in your µTorrent complete folder


If they are incomplete/not finished: put them in your incomplete/temp folder

3) know put your .torrent files in your µTorrent .torrent temp/store folder.


if its .torrent's that is complete/seeding, then put the .torrents

in µTorrents .torrent complete jobs folder

4) Double click on the .torrent files one at the time,

each time and choose were they should be downloaded (if µTorrent asks)

5) now your done :)

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I had the same problem and this is what worked.

1) Make sure all your .torrent files end only in .torrent and not .bc or such.

2) Load them through File > Add torrent (no default save)

3) Next you'll be presented by another dialog box. Point it to the actual file/s being uploaded.

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