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  1. What's your time settings in Windows? It's 2012-05-16 and UTC+01:00. Shot in the dark here but you can try toggling the fuzzy dates setting to true then false in Preferences - Advanced - gui.use_fuzzy_dates Tried it, but it didn't work. Instead I see another weird thing; it says that those torrents with wrong dates were added and completed 'less than a minute ago', even thought I upgraded µTorrent several hours ago.
  2. Something weird happend when I upgraded to build 27226. Some of my torrents 'Completed On' and 'Added' dates was changed to later dates, dates that hasn't even been yet. Seems like both the month and the day has been changed. Check the image below to see what I mean. =
  3. Well if you check the 'Update to beta versions' checkbox in Preference->General->Privacy, you will get the 26740 build. I have build 26740 because I use the auto-update
  4. We're not targeting general disk i/o issues for this release. Stay tuned for the re-release of 3.1.1' date=' where larger changes are happening.[/quote'] Then why release a RC? Sounds pretty pointless to me if you know of big bugs that exist but leave them in RC's. Just fix them and release as 3.1.2, why re-release older version? I agree with TheSPAWN, it's strange that a older version would be more updated. Either add the changes to 3.1.2 or call the updated 3.1.1 as 3.1.3
  5. For people who has the disk caching issue, check out the new 3.1.1 beta (build 26666) release in the newly created thread
  6. hmm, wonder if I should update to 2.0.1, heard some trackers blocks it because it's buggy.
  7. yay, the font size seems to be fixed But shouldn't the 'Show new posts since last visit' and 'Mark all topics as read' links be more to the right?
  8. @war59312: the forum has been using FluxBB for quite some time, so it has nothing to do with the changes. FluxBB is a derivative of punBB. btw, 2 zooms in firefox looks great for me as well, I really hope they fix the font size
  9. well, I personally think that when viewing the forum the main page navigater and footer shouldn't be visible, because they don't match some forum themes (because of styling and colors). Another thing, I don't like the fact that the font size is smaller Also, on the mainpage there is to much "white space", needs more styling and colors. btw, the theme I use for the forum is 'Cobalt'.
  10. honeyfrog, the Microsoft stealth auto update story is true, or atleast it's true that it happend once.
  11. rosemaryplouffe, well you should report about the scam to your credit card company. Anyway, to make sure you have a working version, download µTorrent from the mainpage = Then read the FAQ & Guides = and If you still have troubles you can post about it here in this forum
  12. boo

    WebUI v0.315

    ICleolion, aren't you being a bit harsh on AirPina?
  13. boo

    WebUI v0.315

    I agree with schnurlos, it is build 482 in the zip, I downloaded 482 seperatly, but 482 in the zip has the same md5 hash as the 482 I downloaded plus it says 482 in About.
  14. boo

    WebUI v0.315

    I downloaded the webUI 0.310 beta 2 and the files are there =
  15. boo

    WebUI v0.315

    The files are there, check inside of which you see in the screenshoot you took.