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HELP! Severe speed problems


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This is a pretty weird problem I'm having with torrents/p2p. A normal connection online give me speeds of 3500-4000k/s. As soon as I open up either Azureus or utorrent and start downloading (even at speeds below 1k/s) my connection speed drops to about 1000k/s and lower, usually around 500k/s as it starts to download faster, or with two computers running p2p software.

WTF is going on? I ran soooo many speed tests with my computer connected to the cable modem directly, then downloading files normally (via firefox), then torrenting, and the torrent drops my speed. I did tests wired and wirelessly. I eventually had three computers online wirelessly with normal speeds until 1 or 2 ran a p2p application.

Here's my info:

Earthlink Cable Ericsson PipeRider cable modem

Linksys WRT54G v4 Router

Windows XP Pro (no service packs)

ZoneAlarm firewall (NAT tests OK)

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