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General Question About uTorrent, Seeds and Peers


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I'd like to start off by thanking the people behind uTorrent for making this fantastic client freely available.

Anyway, I have a few questions I'd like to ask. I'm in the process of downloading a torrent and I'm using uTorrent. When I look under the box saying 'Seeds' and Peers', in the main window where the active torrents are displayed, I see two numbers for each label. One is a regular number and the other is in brackets. What do the numbers in brackets mean? Are these the maximum possible amount of seeds and peers I could be connected too? If so, how to I get uTorrent to connect. I have port forwarded a port that uTorrent chose from random from me and allowed it get past my firewall.

Here is a screenshot for to see what I'm talking about.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Seed - Peer

1(10) - 8(90)

above is a typical scenario and numbers you'll most likely to see in most torrents :P

(always less seed than peers)

anyways the 1 in front of the (10) means you are connected and talking to 1 Seed, it is normal to not get any download from the Seed, if the Seed is busy.

(10) means there are a total of 10 seeds alive in this torrent

8 in front of (90) means there are 8 peers connected to you, and again it's possible to be just connected and talking, with out any download or upload, if they are busy, or you are busy

when either side is busy it's referred to as "bottle neck" just like the highways and regular streets in traffic

(90) means there are a total of 90 peers alive.

-- Edit --

BTW, all those numbers are always and constantly dynamically changing

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