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Problems With Connection/Speed/Port Forwarding...


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Hi lads, this is my first proper post - accidentally posted my uTorrent problems in another thread, unintentionally highjacked it!

Ok, having problems with uTorrent.

Sometimes the the little icon down the bottom of uTorrent is red (no incoming connections) and sometimes it is yellow.

It asks me to open up a port so that people can connect to me.

I went to the FAQ which directed me to portforwarding.com - I followed everything on that website correctly and did everything it asked me to do.

I restarted my computer and am downloading a file which has 4000 seeds and about 400 peers.

The only step which I could not complete on portforwarding.com was the final step where it asks me to find the uTorrent application which I created the step before, and to add it to the 'Applied List' - I could not find the uTorrent application which I had successfully created in the previous step in the list to add to the applied list.

When I test my bandwith on dslreports.com which states my download speed is about 1200kb/s.

I know for sure that my cousin who lives literally 5 doors down from me has broadband but his connection is not as fast as mine - yet he could download this file I am currently trying to download on uTorrent at speeds of 150kb/s - whereas mine never really exceeds 50kb/s on average.

So yeah I've done what portforwarding.com has asked and have no idea why uTorrent is still not opening my selected port for incoming connections.

Any help would be very much welcomed.

Cheers, Roopy.

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