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Internet surfing problems with Utorrent on and on Vista??


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Hi everyone!

Here is my dilema. I am unable to surf the web once utorrent is on. I currently using Vista and my system is new, no known virus, everythign is clear. Im currently using cable modem and i have to restart the computer everytime if i want to use the internet. As soon as Utorrent is on, or any other bittorrent program, the internet explorer wont start surfing the net. I even tried exiting the programs (assuming its hogging alot of the bandwith), but problem still exist. Its not IE problem bc i tried it with firefox and still the same problem. Its not like there is no connection bc utorrent will still download if i turn it back on. Is this a problem with vista? I tried using my laptop(xp) and it works fine. I just want it to work with my new desktop. Please im help out!!!

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