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- Links to external sites must not include trackers or sites linking to possibly illegal content or material which may infringe on the copyright of the respective authors. Examples of unwanted links: torrent search engines, trackers or sites of questionable legal status, etc.. Note that legal torrent sites may be freely linked to.

- This forum service is provided for users to discuss µTorrent. Please keep discussions on topic.

- Please avoid language which can be deemed offensive to other users.

- Refrain from posting messages MOSTLY CAPITALized, Needlessly Capitalizing Each Word, or using |_337 5|>34|<.

These simple rules help improve the quality of the forum content and makes the forum more enjoyable for everyone. Thank you for your understanding!

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Here's a few more rules to clarify certain things:

- Discussions about downloading copyrighted material is highly discouraged, and under no circumstances are links or specifics to be brought up. Examples of this include talking about what you downloaded a few days ago on KaZaa, what you're downloading using BitTorrent currently, or what you're trying to download (even if it's a problem you're asking about). Linking to such content, as vurlix said, is not permitted. Screenshots containing any downloads in the download list MUST BE BLURRED, BLANKED, OR CENSORED IN SOME WAY

- Please use the search feature before asking any questions. The chances are very high that your question may have been answered already. This has been brought up extensively in other forums, mainly the Feature Request and Troubleshooting forums, but is still applicable in every single forum.

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A few etiquette guidelines (I can't believe I actually need to post this.):

-Please don't quote the posts directly before yours. It takes up more space on the page than it should.

-Please link or thumbnail any image larger than 50KB. The 56kers already have a tough enough time with their narrowband internet that they don't deserve to be tortured even more.

-Please don't double post or cross post.

-Please don't hijack threads.

-Please don't bump threads.

-Please don't post unless you have something relevant to say about it. Don't be a forum troll - nobody likes them, and especially not the personal attacks they launch.

... when posting in the Troubleshooting Section.

I'm new to posting here on the forums though I've been using uTorrent for some time now and have recommended it to tons of people. I am, have been, and will continue to be a WinMXer (hold the boo's and gasp of horror). I recently started to see a few fellow winmx users posting here. Having users I know / know of is great and all BUT it's also a pain considering the way some community members there have not a clue as to how to approach a problem without negativity.

Here's a list of things to remember when posting a problem with uTorrent:

1. Being polite is a plus BUT showing respect should be a MUST.

2. Think before you post your opinion when you have NO technical data to back it.

3. Ask questions without the useless vocabulary. Trying to get assistance from a person is rather stupid when your post is full of profanity and/or slander towards a person OR the software.

4. Even if you are totally clueless just ask. I'm sure Firon will tire of me soon. :oP

5. If you think uTorrent is the cause of one thing or another try to research the problem before hand. (If you notice a trend make note of it. Read logs if you have them. etc.) Try to post anything that you think will help getting you fixed.

6. Remember... this is not the same "community" as WMX. I doubt the battle / slander / accusation mentally that seems to flow freely with WMX is wanted here though ignored due to the persons willingness to assist.

This isn't meant to offend. It's just a reminder to apply common sense and courtesy when posting. I'd just hate to see things get to a point where people come here for the latest gossip/battle instead of the purpose its intended.

Terran (aka Thingy, Terr)

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For screenshots, please prefer .png format - GUI shots consist of a lot of blank space that's easily compressable, and PNG will give you a smaller image filesize than JPG in addition to being lossless (no JPEG noise/artifacts) - it'll save on both load times and upload time for you, so it's a win-win situation.

Just select .png in Paint's Save As menu and it's all good.

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