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Buffalo WHR-G54S + Zyxel 660h-61 problems


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I'm having problems in Utorrent with these routers. The problem is that what ever I do the Zyxel won't allow the Utorrent to use the ports it needs. I have opened the ports for utorrent in zyxel and in buffalo but still utorrent says that it can't use the ports.

Funny part in this problem is that utorrent still uploads and downloads torrents... just slowly.

I have set a static ip-address to my computer but it didn't make a difference unfortunately. Mainly because I don't know how to set the right static ip for this kind of device layout

The routers have been set with my computer like this: "Internet" -> Zyxel -> Buffalo -> Computer. My guess is that the reason to these problems are in the layout of these devices. My computers ip changes between the two routers... Zyxel gives the ip xxx.xxx.1.1 and the buffalo xxx.xxx.11.1.

So my question is how can you make utorrent work with this kind of layout? This has given me alot of headache so help is very much appreciated.

If my problem or mostly my writing about it isn't understandable, please ask clarifying questions.

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