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Notice of Claim of Copyright Infringement--From Comcast


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I'm a newbie (about a month or so) using Utorent.

Yesterday, I received above message including: "Notice of Action under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act," and abuse notification number and a warning.

The movie in question was The Sting.

First of all, while not a geek, I'm not exactly a neophyte either, having used other download engines for 5 years or so and have never had this experience.

My curiosity is focused on just how whoever filed this complaint could possibly have access to this information (my download this particular vid) unless they were either hacking into my computer or utorrent??

I would appreciate any feedback, suggestions and/or advice as while since I've begun downloading us utorrent, the bastards at Comcast have seen fit to REALLY slow me down, they are at the moment (unfortunately) the only game in town available for me and don't want to have them shit can me until I can find a suitable substitute if and when I move this Summer. Thanks all.


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Thanks for the head's up. I've sought other advice and opinions and I believe I have come to a suitable resolution for this problem and hopefully, the steps (precautions) I've taken will preclude my experiencing such unpleasantness in the future.

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