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Green icon yet slow speeds!!!


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hey people i need your help.. my bit torrent was runnig well couple of months back had like a average 400kbs down speed on any file....

sine few weeks back i noticed wen i download a larger file(e.g:700mb,2000mb) the transfer rate is very slow with a average of 85kbits.. but when i download a smaller file(e.g350mb) i get an average speed of 400kbs+!!!.

my ports are foward i even get the green icon.. but i dont have a static i.p

because every time i make a static i.p from portfoward.com and put it my green icon goes to the yellow triangle.. why does this happen???

pls i need your help

speedtest says i have a down speed of 4800kbs

up speed od 500kbs

and i am using windows vista

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This is not because you don't have a static ip.

If you get a green icon (ever!) then port forwarding or UPnP works...or isn't even needed.

Are you uploading at the set max of 47 KiloBYTES/sec...or is even upload going "slow"?

Do note that if you're only uploading at 47 KiloBYTES/sec then downloading faster than that means someone ELSE isn't able to download as fast as they upload. On very large torrents, this results in download speed often being not much more (if any!) than upload speed...and once the download is over 90% done upload speed is often greater than download speed.

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